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Steamroller Dead man's tan

Steamroller Dead man's tan 1994 cover picture

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Year: 1994

If that opening riff on the first track doesn't get you, you may want to skip this one, altough that's highly unlikely isn't it ? :) - awesome rockers and genre defining ballads make this all in all one of the best Scandi cds i've had the pleasure of listening, highly recommended!


  1. Dead man's tan (mp3 sample)
  2. Back on the stage
  3. Why
  4. Shotgun wedding (mp3 sample)
  5. Blue light lady (mp3 sample)
  6. Jailhouse rock
  7. Flowers in her hair (mp3 sample)
  8. Its your turn
  9. Minute by minute
  10. River of agony
  11. Absence
  12. Half a bottle

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