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Fury st

Fury st 2002 cover picture

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Year: 2002

Not too usual for me to present cds released after 2k, but you'll agree that this one is special, firstly: it was recorded in the early nineties, second: it's absolutely awesome! It was released by Escape music and it's already so hard to find, my advice ? grab it while you can, in a few years it'll be a top dollar cd.


  1. Dont take no for an answer (mp3 sample)
  2. Trouble
  3. Love
  4. Higher ground
  5. Shouldn't i be
  6. Love's ammunition
  7. Fire (mp3 sample)
  8. Hang em high
  9. Up in flames
  10. 10000 girls (mp3 sample)
  11. Eternal flame

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